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The Black Paper

A Reminder of the Commitment You Made

Following the murder of George Floyd's and the global commitments to justice and equality that ensued, our journey was born from a comprehensive collaboration with our partner companies, their Black employees, allies, and influential voices from the Black community. The creation of The Black Paper marks our ambitious endeavour to compile a thorough guide aimed at bolstering organizational support for the Black community at all levels. The paper delves into the employee lifecycle, among other critical areas, to identify systemic obstacles faced by the Black community and propose actionable, sustainable improvements.

The development of The Black Paper is a collaborative effort involving Black employees, the wider Black community, executives, and the dedicated Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) leaders and talent teams from each participating company. Our mission is to craft a manifesto that not only sheds light on existing challenges but also outlines practical solutions, shares enlightening case studies, and promotes the exchange of effective practices and notable achievements.


Our goal is ambitious yet clear: to dramatically transform the landscape for the Black community in the UK—and, by extension, globally—within the next two decades or sooner. As we transition into a new phase of The Black Network, our focus will sharpen on embracing a global voice, ensuring our efforts remain impactful without being spread too thinly. The Black Paper will detail the journey we've been on with various partners and will serve as an invaluable tool for businesses committed to systemic change.


This paper has garnered insights from over 700 participants through more than 58 hours of dialogue and 42 sessions over a three-year period. Our approach is thorough, ensuring that The Black Paper transcends fleeting trends to offer profound thought leadership, enduring strategies for dismantling barriers, leveling the playing field, and fostering the economic advancement of the Black community worldwide. This deliberate, extensive consultation process underscores our dedication to releasing a document that goes beyond knee jerk reactions but is rich with depth and substance, poised to guide us towards a more equitable future.

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“The horrific killing of George Floyd was an inflexion point for many; a tragedy that shone a light on a very long chain of tragic events and injustices. In Cephas' letter to his son, he talks of shared responsibility as a "custodian of the future".

I may not share Cephas' journey but I do share with him the responsibility of changing the narrative. We all do.


Letter to Zion talks about taking "brave & tangible steps forward at this crucial time of awakening" so that this moment becomes more than just words and feelings of guilt, but tangible action and change. I have children and I want them to live in the future that Cephas describes in his letter. I won't be able to look my children in the eye if I stand by when

I have the chance to be an ally of change and take those tangible steps."​


Andrew Denton

Alfa Systems, CEO

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