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Amplifying the Stories of Black People in Britain

Black British Stories is a video series of Black people in the community + Black employees in ally companies sharing their stories and thoughts on the Black experience, past, present and hopes for the future. This will also be informed by the discussions had at the Roundtable Conversations and will serve as a way for us to create a library of stories that can educate people and reinforce information that can support change.

The more companies that can support this series, the more we can produce and the more stories we can amplify. We will explore a diverse range of Black people's experiences and our journeys. This will be shared across the BBN’s social platforms with plans to position these videos to media companies and amplify further.

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Black British Stories | Explained

Call Out Video | Cephas Williams & Simon Pegg

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"I was introduced to Cephas Williams through Simon Pegg and was immediately captivated by the intelligence, integrity and style with which Cephas has crafted his work. In Cephas’ 'Letter to Zion' he described systemic racism as a weed ‘choking the goodness out of our world’. That’s a powerful image - the challenge isn’t just about levelling playing fields going forward, important as that is;  it’s also about society recognising that systemic racism is a poison that infects and corrodes our values. Cephas’ work is important and impactful and I am delighted that Sony Pictures have been able to support his vision through Black British Stories."

Richard Parsons

Sony Pictures TV International Production


“I have spent all my working life in the business of music and it's true to say I didn’t see too many folks that looked like me in senior levels of any of the companies I worked in. It’s easy to understand when you're employing somebody you choose somebody that you can relate to, I understood that and tried to redress the balance by recruiting Black people who would otherwise not be given a chance. I have high hopes that by  joining The BBN the next generation will see a good few folks that they can relate to and aspire to become, an opportunity I never had.”


“One of the key take-a-ways from “Letter to Zion” is the point Cephas made that we are standing in the midst of perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity. As sad as that seems, we have to take full advantage of the mirror society is currently looking  into, and make the changes necessary to ensure Zion and the children of his generation are treated in the same way as their white counterparts.”

Mervyn Lyn

Strategic Partnership Solutions Ltd, Founding Partner

“Cephas’ letter to Zion is beautiful and heartfelt. I love the fact that it simultaneously offers hope, a way forward, and a scathing indictment of where we are now.”

Simon Pegg

Stolen Picture, Co-founder

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