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Roundtable Conversations

Our interest is to keep the conversation going, beyond moments of trauma and public traction, to do this we hold roundtable conversations with all corporate members and members of the Black community. At each roundtable session we aim to walk away with tangible actions to change our collective thinking, processes, approach and understanding of the Black community.

Steering Group Sessions

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To build a better system we must deconstruct the existing framework and understand where it is failing the Black community, only then can we have a reflective response as opposed to a reactive response; and use the learning we extract from each meeting to build a better framework/eco system within our organisations and society.

This is a safe space for people within the Black community to speak, for leaders of industry and staff working within member organisations to listen, be educated and constructively contribute; and for this shared experience to help mobilise efforts towards making a tangible difference across the board. We can no longer be afraid to speak the truth, but we must speak this truth alongside constructive steps for the future, otherwise we will be in this same position 5 years from now. As well as Black members of staff and leadership, these discussions will also bring together I&D leads as well as people and talent leads within our ally organisations. We will candidly discuss what has failed and what we need to change and implement to do better.

This forum wants to bring leaders from some of the biggest organisations within the UK/World together and closer to the Black experience, to collectively bring an end to systemic barriers that have held the Black community back once and for all.

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executive quotes

“The horrific killing of George Floyd was an inflexion point for many; a tragedy that shone a light on a very long chain of tragic events and injustices. In Cephas' letter to his son, he talks of shared responsibility as a "custodian of the future". I may not share Cephas' journey but I do share with him the responsibility of changing the narrative. We all do.


Letter to Zion talks about taking "brave & tangible steps forward at this crucial time of awakening" so that this moment becomes more than just words and feelings of guilt, but tangible action and change. I have children and I want them to live in the future that Cephas describes in his letter. I won't be able to look my children in the eye if I stand by when I have the chance to be an ally of change and take those tangible steps."

Andrew Denton

Alfa Systems, CEO

"The key to success in leadership is to continue to learn. Everyday. BBN offers us all an opportunity to do just that by helping us understand the Black community in an authentic and collaborative environment.  Cephas is an inspiring driver of changing attitudes and his beautiful ‘Letter to Zion’ demonstrates his special combination of empathy and passion. I’m personally proud to be an ally and supporter."

William Eccleshare

Clear Channel Outdoor, Worldwide CEO

“It’s clear that Cephas’ passion for and commitment to social justice is unequivocal. His powerful letter to his son Zion, expresses the opportunity that is before us - and the leadership role we must play in tackling systemic racism and forging a fairer and more equitable future for the next generation.

At O2 we are on a journey to drive equality and equity across our business, which is why we joined the Black British Network. We are committed to listening, learning and growing, understanding we have a long way to go. To effectively represent the communities we serve, we are dedicated to supporting the progression of not only the Black community, but employees in our business from a variety of backgrounds"

Mark Evans

O2 Telefónica UK, CEO

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We Are Connected


Our first roundtable sessions were held across 5 weeks in 2021, due to Covid these conversations were held over zoom. This allowed people to access the sessions from home and across the country with some global leaders joining from outside the UK.

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